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Quebec’s Eastern Townships, daughter of a trapper, it is not surprising that Anne Larochelle particularly likes earth tones, raw materials and the refinement that only the work of a meticulous and passionate artist is able to accomplish.

Anne Larochelle, designer


The beginning of the medieval collection

She has three years of fashion design study, with a particular interest in clothes fabrication and finishing, but it is the event “Les Mediévales” of Quebec in 1988 that launches her career. For the occasion she produces small accessories and some clothes. People literally snatch them up. Enthusiastic and proud of such encouraging reaction, she and a friend conceive and fabricate a collection that they call ‘Anüska’.

Success of the collection

Anne Larochelle then becomes the first designer of medieval clothes and accessories in Quebec. Their success even shines beyond borders and it is then that they attend the Medieval Festival at “Dinan et Puy en Velay” in France. Their success continues but the relationship ends.

A little break ...

Anne takes the advantage to stop and take a break. She retreats to a monastery for one year and emerges with renewed energy. Yearning for warmer temperatures and new horizons…but still wishing to learn Spanish…she travels alone to Mexico. She will stay there for two years during which time her son is born. Although her creations are selling very well, she packs her bags and returns to Quebec.

Return in Quebec province - Time to make business !

She creates a shop and boutique in North Hatley which she then moves to St-Sauveur in the Laurentians. Success is immediate. The tourist-oriented area is excellent for business.

In addition to operating her own Anne Larochelle boutique, she participates in different Canadian trade shows like the “One of a Kind Show” that awards her the prize for “best fashion accessory” in the year 2000. Orders pour in and specialized boutiques blossom.

Today Anne Larochelle heads an enterprise that employs seventeen people and leads a team whose talent and professionalism make her proud.

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